Content Management

Built upon 18 years of research and development the Pingala CMS offers you a tailored solution in a easy to use interface. Here are some of the highlights...

General Overview

  • Page and content management
  • Media manager library of your uploaded files
  • Website settings to manage custom code and configuration
  • Multi user administration with selected access rights
  • Interactive help guide

Page Management

  • Add, edit, delete, copy and move pages
  • Drag and drop to reorder pages
  • Site wide search for content

Content Management

  • Full text editor with advance grid management
  • Template selection
  • Drag and drop multiple images and documents to upload directly in the editor
  • Hero banners and document library selection
  • SEO tools for adjusting the URL and entering meta information

Media Management

  • Upload files directly from your computer
  • Preset image sizes so your photos always look good
  • Preview images
  • Rename and delete

Image Cropping

  • Crop to defined sizes
  • Zoom, rotate and move
  • Change image to black and white
  • Can be uploaded and cropped whilst editing the page content