Bespoke Web Software

We build a wide range of solutions which help businesses operate in a more efficient manner. From a basic document store to a complex, fully integrated CRM we can offer a solution custom to your needs.

Bespoke Web Development

Be one step ahead of the competition with a mobile ready website powered by our in house CMS. Add custom functionality to your site to make it stand out, and manage it all yourself.

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Content Management

Built upon 18 years of research and development the Pingala CMS offers you a tailored solution in a easy to use interface.

Managed Hosting

We pride ourselves on our hosting solutions. From a simple shared server to a complex resilient setup, we can provide you a solution to keep you trading even when you’re sound asleep.

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Marketing & Consultancy

Marketing allows you to get your products in front of the right people. A well planned and well executed marketing campaign will make sure 26 year old Steve from London buys that cool product you sell.

Custom WordPress Development

Our in house WordPress developer knows how to build powerful, secure and high speed WordPress sites. Let us tailor a theme to your needs, along with a custom plugin for extended functionality.

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