Service Detail

Improve Productivity | Share Information with Clients and Colleagues | Set Access Levels and Permissions | Reduce Admin Time | Reduce Admin Errors | Stay Compliant | Stay Legal | Work On and Offline using App Technology | Tablet and Mobile compatible

Service Headline

Pingala Media provide a full web design and development service from concept designs, right through HTML/CSS development and content population to long-term site management. We guide and advise our customers through the process ensuring a clear line of communication is open at all times, and all technical elements during this process are explained "in laymen's terms", ensuring nothing is lost in translation and the process is smooth and stress free.

The websites we design and develop are tested to ensure compatibility across Macs, PC's and Mobile Devices. We adopt the latest versions of HTML and CSS and are constantly looking at ways to improve the customer's web experience with interactivity.

Our Dependencies

The Process

1. Briefing

The first stage of any kick-ass website is to sit down and discuss it. We’ll cover your business goals, how you’re going to measure key metrics of the site, and what sort of design front you’d like to take. It’s at this stage when we would outline the websites functionality and features.

2. Ideas & Wireframes

Now we know what you want, we build a very basic layout for the website. This is the part where we define where columns are, the layout, and the types of modules on each page. This allows us to quickly define the user flow on every page on the website, maximising your click through rate.

3. Design

Now we have agreed on the layout of the website, and what is going where, our designers will take the wireframes and convert them into a visual copy of your site. We design everything to respond to different devices so that your users get the best possible experience.

4. User Testing

Before a new product is released, explorative usability testing can establish what content and functionality a new product should include to meet the needs of its users. Users test a range of different services where they are given realistic scenarios to complete which helps to highlight any gaps in the market that can be taken advantage of and illustrate where to focus design effort.

5. All Systems Go!

Now everything is ready, tested and signed off, we’re ready to launch the website. We get the server ready to host your site, and set your domains to use our CDN. As soon as the world has been told about the website, you’re ready to make money!