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Tendering and Pre Build

Development and Implementation

Ongoing Support and Guidance

Tendering and pre build

  • We offer expert guidance on the right functionality for the site.
  • Show examples of functionality in working websites, as often there is a simple and advanced approach that can be taken to achieve a function/feature.
  • We explain the acronyms used in web development, and talk through good and bad practice on design and development of online solutions.
  • All web development should follow strict guidelines around compliance, so we talk through the right way to build develop and manage you site to ensure these standards are met and adhered to.
  • We deliver a clean, jargon free proposal with options on scalability, flexibility within the key elements of the build. This way you can start with a simpler solution and grow the site with your business.
  • We discuss ideas on future developments that can enhance the sites style, searchability, interactivity and functionality.

Development and implementation

  • We start with taking a clear pre design brief to ensure the approach matches your expectations for the site. We talk through colours, styles, and fonts, like's and dislikes and ensure the site approach will maximise its effectiveness in the market place.
  • We then create a high-end design for the website.
  • There is constant communication with you on each phase of the project outlining timelines for the various elements.
  • We guide and advise on text styles and format of information to gain the maximum interest from the visitor.
  • We offer to optimise the website ready for launch.
  • We can also proof read and tidy the content and language where required. Having a second opinion is so important.
  • If you require us to write the copy for you, we can liaise with you to make sure it is suitable.

Ongoing support and guidance

  • Short and long-term plans are so important, even if you just want your site to sit and promote your business, as a brochure there still needs to be a simple plan in place.
  • We can discuss the right direction for you to move and improve you online performance.
  • We would agree on maintenance and support levels to enhance the sites profile and functionality.
  • Set up a programme of optimisation to increase and encourage the right web traffic to the site.
  • We can set budgets and look at campaign management through Pay Per Click.
  • We can schedule a monthly, 1/4ly or 6 monthly review meeting to look at website performance and discuss ways to enhance the sites profile, reduce or increase spend dependant on the relative success of the campaign, and talk about new services and products and how we can fit them into the overall online marketing strategy.
  • We will offer guidance on using social media (Facebook, twitter, linkedin, Blogs etc) and Rich Media (video and youTube) to increase relevant site traffic.


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