Kinetico Water Softeners

What have we developed for Kinetico?

  • Bespoke WordPress Theme
  • Custom WooCommerce Process
  • Managed High Availability Hosting
  • Dealer WordPress Management Portal

What have we developed for Kinetico Dealers?

  • A bespoke WordPress theme, which is distributed to all their dealer sites, connected to an in-house theme update platform so all sites receive updates simultaneously.
  • A managed hosting environment for all Kinetico’s dealer sites, with a range of technology for a reliable, high speed e-commerce platform.
  • A portal for the dealer to log into and check their site for updates, security issues, performance, SEO rankings and more.

The Kinetico theme was built with usability and volume in mind. The theme has been tailored to Kinetico's requirements and has been built so all sites get the same fixes and features.

Ash Scott - WordPress Developer, Frontend Developer, Systems Administrator