Coroners Society

What have we developed for Coroners?

  • Bespoke Website and CMS
  • High level search options
  • Secure Coroners Members Areas
  • Event Management System
  • Interactive Coroners look up Map

How have we helped Coroners in these areas?

The Coroners Society had a site and secure members areas that really needed modernising.  The main aspects of sharing information with the public and also within the society needed to be made more user friendly and expanded in how the information was shared.

We developed the ability within the secure area to add various mechanisms within each page to enable the content to be configured and filtered with date range filters, keyword searches and a-z lookup functions.  The announcements and group communication were developed to manage communication clearer and more efficiently.  The whole system has reduced admin time significantly and given each coroner a higher level of ownership to their regions and content.

The search-ability of the site and secure portal has enhanced all aspects of the corners service and with a strong clean commercial design, helped to move the society forward considerably.