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Website Tips 4

Web tips – trust signals. Understand why people buy into you could be critical to how you sell and grow.   #Trustsignals¬† #Webpresence #knowyouraudience

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Web hints and tips – Communication. Drip feed information through blogs and social. Keep to your brand, stay consistent and concise.   #Messaging #Brandcontinuity

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Web hints and tips… Language and Tone. Know your audience, understand their needs.   #webpresence #onlinetrust #workingtogether

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How can we help… a few tips on web presence, messaging and positioning in the market..   #webpresence #messaging #website

How are businesses using Tracking, Transparency and Compliance day to day?

Staff training, operational compliance, sub contractor management and site/project documentation tracking and sharing are just a few areas that companies struggle to manage, as they become a labour intensive part…

Gutenberg: The New WordPress Editor

WordPress is constantly changing to make the lives of its users easier, and give them more control over their websites. WordPress 5.0 introduces a whole new editing experience, which is…

Pingala Media are Moving to a New Office!

Pingala Media are moving office! There’s a lot going on at Pingala HQ, and we’re growing fast. Our current office is a little too small, so we’re upgrading! When you…

GDPR Compliant WordPress is Finally Here!

GDPR has been a hot topic here at Pingala Media. We’ve been working with our clients to assist them in becoming compliant over the last few weeks. We’ve been fixing…

Running the London Marathon: Jon Spree!

So, after months of training and running in the snow, the rain, up hills, down hills, alone, with friends and loved ones and with hundreds of complete strangers, Im 5…

Why Should You Maintain a WordPress Site?

Websites are like cars. Technology changes and things evolve. Just like your car needs a service, so does your website, be it WordPress, Joomla!, Bespoke or static. In this post…